About Us

Adding Skills • Adding Knowledge • Advancing Rights, since 1971

Professor Vera Grover and a group of concerned parents and service providers recognised and responded to the need for a forum that could render support services within the intellectual disability community. Their collective effort led to the establishment of the Western Cape Forum for Intellectual Disability (WCFID) over 50 years ago. As an organisation, the WCFID continues to raise awareness about intellectual disability. Guided by a Board of Management, it remains instrumental in shaping the future for the benefit of all those in South Africa with intellectual disability. It also provides much needed support network for those who work within the sector.

The WCFID is a formally constituted non-governmental organisation with the following objectives and services:


To build capacity through skills development; strengthen the sector through partnerships and collaboration; to raise awareness and identify needs in the sector.


The WCFID: provides training (workshops, 2 to 3 day courses and accredited courses); develops training resources for the sector; engages with the community to raise awareness and advocates for the advancement of human rights.

Legacy: Vera Grover Trust Fund

In her will, the late Professor Grover (on the left in the picture) made provision for the disbursements of funds for the following:

Sponsorship Trust:

For the sponsorship of intellectually disabled children or adults, to enable them to attend an appropriate special facility providing education, training or protected work, in instances where personal income, other financial support or state or provincial subsidies payable is not available to that person.

Scholarship Trust:

  • To assist suitably qualified persons to undergo further recognised training in South Africa or elsewhere to enable people to work with people with  intellectual disability; or to improve their knowledge, training and experience in the field.
  • To enable suitable persons already engaged in the field of intellectual disability to attend short term workshops, lectures, in the field of  intellectual disability. Note that these grants will not be awarded for the attendance of national conferences.

Please note, there are specific criteria for these applications. Applications are due by 30th September. Should you have any questions or require more information, please contact  ‘The Administrator’: info@wcfid.co.za